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Dear authors and holders of related rights!

"Shapagat" Collecting Society is an organization that manages the copyright and neighboring rights on a collective basis. "Shapagat" carries out its activities on the basis of the principles of voluntary and equal membership, democratic self-government and publicity.

The mission of our organization is to contribute to the development of domestic and world culture by creating a transparent, effective and beneficial system for collecting, distributing and paying remuneration to authors and holders of related rights and protecting their rights in the ways provided for by current legislation.

To carry out its mission "Shapagat" has a professional and friendly team of like-minded people, consisting of specialists with many years of experience in the field of intellectual property protection. For example, the General Director of Shapagat, Serik Issayev, has been working in this area for over 15 years and has made a significant contribution to the formation and development of the copyright system in Kazakhstan. As a specialist in the field of copyright, he is widely known both in our country and abroad.

Over 900 domestic rightholders have already entrusted the management of their property rights to "Shapagat", including such well-known authors of popular works as Altynbek Korazbayev, Bauyrzhan Esebaev, Zharylkasyn Dauletov, Israil Saparbai, Tursynzhan Shapai, Vladimir Pitertsev, Duisenkhan Syzdykov, Pavel Li and others. Also, our Society was entrusted with the protection of their rights by foreign property rights management organizations and foreign rightholders.

Dear copyright holder, we suggest that you entrust your copyright and related rights to our organization and become a full member of "Shapagat".

To conclude an agreement, please contact "Shapagat" using the contact details indicated here.

Dear users of copyright and neighboring rights!


"Shapagat" Collecting Society is an organization that manages the property rights of Kazakh and foreign authors (and their heirs) and holders of related rights (performers and producers of phonograms) (hereinafter collectively - Copyright Holders) on a collective basis.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Copyright and Related Rights", "Shapagat", on the basis of agreements with Copyright Holders, on their behalf, protects copyright and related rights and collects remuneration in favor of Copyright Holders on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad and ensures timely payment of due rewards.

A user is a natural or legal person who exercises or organizes the use of objects of copyright and related rights. In fact, we are talking about all the owners / tenants of restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, canteens, nightclubs, discos, casinos, open areas, game rides and other entertainment establishments or public places, on the territory (in the premises) of which a public (including .h. and free) performance of musical and literary works and phonograms (both in recording or broadcast, and by performers).

Users, on a monthly basis, submit to the Society a report on the works and phonograms used over the past month in accordance with the established form and pay the Society the appropriate remuneration specified in the License Agreement between the Society and the User. The amounts received by the Society are further distributed among the Copyright Holders.

In connection with the above, we are addressing a proposal to conclude a License Agreement between our organizations. The signing of such an agreement is in the interests of many parties:

- Your institution legally uses Kazakh and foreign musical and literary works and phonograms, contributing to the development of domestic and world culture and art;

- The Society successfully fulfills its statutory tasks and obligations to Kazakh and foreign copyright holders

- Copyright holders receive their due remuneration;

- The state, as a party to the Berne and Geneva Conventions and international treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on copyright and related rights, fulfills its international obligations.

The advantage of our organization is the work on the principle of "one window" - unlike some similar companies, "Shapagat" has the ability to accept payment of both royalties and remuneration for the use of objects of related rights. This optimizes the time and money spent by Users on reporting, interacting with several organizations, paying bank fees for transfers to accounts of several organizations, etc.

The activity of our Society is based on the conditions of transparency and openness in relations with both the Copyright Holders and the Users. We offer the users the most acceptable and flexible terms of payment and reporting, and we provide the Copyright Holders with regular remuneration payments.


We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

The chairman of the author's council of the public association "Shapagat" is People's Artist of Kazakhstan, composer Altynbek Korazbayev


General Director:
Serik Issayev
Master of Laws (Kazakh State University)
Master of Economics (Russian State Intellectual Property Academy)
Cultural Professional of Kazakhstan

The Republican public Association "Shapagat" is an organization for managing the property rights of authors and holders of related rights on a collective basis.